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The beguilement of your senses...

Hotel Restaurant Tenne is idyllically placed in Gluringen, in the sunny district of Goms – a heavenly location of peace and power.  "Luxuriously simple" is our motto: when you’re here with us, you’re not just taking a holiday – you’re coming home, and you’ll feel both safe and secure. Treat yourself to an unforgettable wellness holiday of a very special kind.

A very warm welcome to the Tenne – we hope you enjoy the beguilement of your senses.

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eating & drinking

Free your soul to dream...

Our style of cuisine is an expression of heartfelt, passionate cooking that is both regional and sustainable. It’s based on classical skills and is simple and original, while also being both innovative and delicate. Fresh, high impact, no-compromise ingredients are an absolute must. Our creations are prepared carefully and skilfully so that the characteristic flavour of each product can be appreciated and savoured to the fullest. The ingredients therefore retain their identity and their intrinsic flavour, while blending in harmony with the other three or four combinations, producing flavour notes that stimulate the palate and free the soul to dream.

For a wonderful meal

Our chefs

Eating should be a pleasure – so we welcome you warmly to our cuisine of delights!


At the "Piocher", Fernando and Christoph forego the use of a menu...

The wine culture

Switzerland’s strength lies in its diversity – and this is a statement that applies equally to Swiss wines!


Your neighbours: nature & the mountain air...

When you’re with us, you sleep in a homely atmosphere – which may well be the major luxury of our time... In our hotel, you find Alpine charm and a breath-taking view of the magnificent Alpine scenery of Valais. Your neighbours here are the world of nature and the mountain air.

Let all your worries and your cares float away and enjoy a few days of relaxation in the finest of all high valleys in the Alps.

Your home for a time

Our rooms

Our rooms are furnished to give you a cosy ambience and help you feel at home.

Massage and recuperation

Treat yourself to a massage or enjoy the view outdoors in our hot tub – in order to relax and find peace of mind or simply to forget your day-to-day worries.

Goms – vibrant and close to nature

Goms is one of the most sun-kissed areas of the Alps and the untouched nature is its greatest treasure. 

Our promise to you

Exceptional cuisine

Fernando and Christoph and the entire team will pamper you with their cuisine of delights from the Alpine region... 

Typical Valais

Valais is no artificially created leisure park. In fact, it’s the home of people who shape the region actively through their traditions and customs...

Heartfelt hospitality

We love doing what we do, and we’re good at doing it! With a genuine, living, traditional sense of hospitality...

Treat yourself to one of our special offers

Special rates and offers
Switch off and relaxSwitch off and relax

Switch off and relax

A little time out

Spend some time on simply being happy!

Breathe in, breathe out, be happy... the Goms region is an oasis of relaxation, peace and sporting activities, and its unspoiled natural surroundings are its most valuable treasure.

Enjoy a break in radiant sunshine and fresh Alpine air, including a generous breakfast buffet and a gourmet dinner. And that’s not all: treat yourself to a 60-minute massage while you’re with us – to boost your circulation, relax your muscles or release any tension. Or simply enjoy the massage with the aim of relaxing and finding inner peace – and just forgetting about your day-to-day concerns for once.

Travelling along – find a new direction along the Route of St James Travelling along – find a new direction along the Route of St James

Travelling along – find a new direction along the Route of St James


along the Route of St James

We offer a special Price for Pilgrims! The pilgrimage route along the Route of St James to Santiago de Compostela is a living symbol – a living metaphor for the path along which a human life must travel.

The geographical direction of the Route of St James provides one indication of its philosophy: it travels from east (sunrise, birth and life) to west (sunset, dying and death). The route ends at the Atlantic (eternity).

One sub-section of this route (the Rhine-Reuss-Rhone trail) now travels directly past our hotel.
We have therefore decided to offer rooms at a special price to pilgrims, as long as they can show us their pilgrim’s pass in advance, depending on availability.

Allow yourself a culinary treatAllow yourself a culinary treat

Allow yourself a culinary treat

Moments of pleasure

Beguile your senses...

Allow yourself a culinary treat, with flavours that excite the palate and free the soul to dream…

...and take advantage of our Moments of Pleasure special offer:
One night’s stay, with a 5-course surprise menu, served with the carefully selected wine.

The perfect time of the yearThe perfect time of the year

The perfect time of the year

Touches of Seasonal Colour

Leaves aglow on the trees, in the air and on the ground...

In October, take advantage of our “Touches of Seasonal Colour” package: 
During this golden time of the year, we’ll award you an overnight stay for free. Stay for 3 nights – pay for just 2.

The first hints of autumn are visible and the natural world within our high mountain valley takes on a shade of golden red. It starts to glow, like the sun. Nature presents this one final showpiece just before it embarks upon its long winter sleep … This is a wonderful time to explore nature, and long walks can never be more beautiful than they are on a golden autumn day. 
This time of the year must, of course, also include one other key ingredient – so we’ll treat you to speciality dishes based on game, served with a good drop or two of Valais wine.

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