The Goms at its most beautifulThe Goms at its most beautiful

The Goms at its most beautiful

The weather in the Goms

Visit me

The mountain village of the Goms

I’m formed by the people who inhabit and invigorate me; I’m made of my history, and of my stories; carved from ancient timber; built upon unhewn rock; created by the work of strong hands. Each and every metre of me has been prised with great difficulty from its untamed and inhospitable surroundings.

I’m a testimony to the time when humans and nature were still one - but I’m not a museum. I do not open or close. I offer no stage shows with added attractions. Here, there’s just you, and me. Take your time to get to know me and my history. I am a mountain village in the Goms. I’m so pleased that you’ve come to visit me.

The culture of the mountain villages of the Goms

Food for the mind and the soul

The history and culture of the Goms are brought to life along themed walking routes and guided tours of the villages. Theatre and music are an important part of the cultural life of these villages. You can take a peek over their shoulders to appreciate the time-honoured craftsmanship. Museums bring past times back to life ... you’ll come upon artistry and wonderment in every corner of the mountain villages of the Goms. Prepare yourself to seek out discoveries of your own! 

Culture for the mind and the soul

The land and its people

Unique, endearing and warm-hearted

I tend to be a bit reserved. The fast-paced, hectic life just isn’t really my style. I know from experience that nature will always have the last word. I’ve lived from what the land of the Goms has provided, and I’ve protected this land. When you first come across me, my language may sound a bit harsh, but once I know you a little better, you’ll find yourself enveloped in my heartfelt warmth. I come from the Goms, and I welcome you.


Like the Valais dialect, the language of Goms is a highly Alemannic language. The remoteness of the Valais has meant that the dialect has changed little over the centuries and has ...

The mountain villages of the Goms

Formed by the people who inhabit and invigorate them

The thirteen villages of the upper part of the Goms region – Niederwald, Blitzingen, Selkingen, Biel, Ritzingen, Gluringen, Reckingen, Münster, Geschinen, Ulrichen, Obergesteln, Oberwald and Gletsch – are home to about 2000 residents, and seem to come from a different age. All of these villages have a protected heritage status, and many of Switzerland’s most important cultural assets are to be found here, within an extremely small area. The mountain villages of the Goms have remained better protected against the negative effects of modern life than almost any other high valley in the Alps. Traditions are part of life here. And yet, they are certainly not a museum...


A book of poems and legends from Goms

Impressions that touch the emotions – a picture is, after all, worth a thousand words ...

The book costs CHF 49.00 and can be bought at the Tenne.

Other places to visit in the neighbourhood

Around the Goms

Other interesting destinations with attractive offers are available in the surrounding area.

The Aletsch Arena – for guests who need to get moving. Bellwald, which one of the oldest and best-preserved mountain villages in the Valais, with a history going back over 600 years – a destination that has stayed true to its roots, and offers an ideal combination of the traditional and the modern. The Binntal Nature Park, a regional nature park of national importance. Or Brig, the liveliest city in the Valais, where in the squares and garden bars a southern ambiance is palpable.

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