Experience nature and recharge your batteriesExperience nature and recharge your batteries

Experience nature and recharge your batteries

The weather in the Goms

fully committed to relaxation

The many and various aspects of summer in the mountains of the Goms

From the high mountain glaciers and peaks at over 4000m, through the gentle Alpine meadows and age-old forests of larch, to the lush pastures in the valley: this is the place to celebrate the traditions of the natural and cultural world.

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Hiking in the Goms

Here, the options are almost limitless: 700 kilometres of hiking routes wait patiently for your walking boots

We move you forward. Your life weighs down on us. We go everywhere with you. We find our way forward together, you and I – but only you “put your foot in it”. Bring your cares to us and we’ll turn them to joy. Hurt us and that’ll be the end of your fun. Give us fresh air so that we feel the grass. Set us free to enjoy the mountain stream. All the best from down here, your Feet.

Offers for hiking

Out and about on wheels

Pure cycling pleasure

On the bike through the Goms – nothing could be easier... On a bicycle, mountain bike, racing bike or downhill – anything’s possible here! The network of cycling paths and flat floor of the high mountain valley are absolutely perfect for cyclists.

You’re also very welcome to hire an e-bike from the hotel.

Routes and special offers

The dream of flying comes true

Enjoying the view, hovering silently like a bird

Walk a few steps, take off and experience and enjoy the Fiescheralp, the Aletsch region with the Aletsch Glacier, the Fiesch Glacier and the Jungfrau region (UNESCO World Natural Heritage) from a dreamlike perspective. The impressions you experience are indescribable...

Play golf

in the most beautiful surroundings

You can stay “on the ball” in the mountain villages of the Goms, because the longest and most beautiful 9-hole golf course in Switzerland is right here, just waiting for your golfing skills. The “Source du Rhône” features fairways and greens of an impressively high quality, a natural feel and a fabulous outlook.

As Partner Hotel to the “Source du Rhône” golf club, we can offer our guests the benefit of reductions on the official green fee tariffs: a reduction of 30% in the months of May, June and October, and 20% in the months of July, August and September.

Furka Steam Railway

a nostalgic adventure trip

I’m heavy and black, and I hiss and spit. Once upon a time, I was taken out of service, because I was behind the times and good for nothing, apparently. My days seemed to be numbered and my fate was sealed. And yet, I’m still here. I run on iron tracks – in spite of a driving headwind. I charm people; I’m a great favourite with children; I even make children of grown men. People who travel with me forget about time and learn to see the world through fresh eyes. I climb the sides of mountain valleys. I reveal views of passes through the Alps and bring you closer to the summit of the mountain. May I thrill you too? Just say “yes” and climb aboard. Chuhchuhchuhchuh… I’m the steam locomotive.

Mountain lakes, mountain streams or a heated outdoor swimming pool

Playing in the water in the open air

Some of the most natural streams and beautiful lakes are to be found in the Goms region. Water is more than a simple lifeline in the Goms. Larger rivers, such as the Ticino, Aare or Reuss, and even a major waterway like the Rhone, all emerge from one side or the other of the mountains, lakes or glaciers of the Goms. And one of the highest open air swimming pools above sea level in the Valais also awaits you here ... where else could you enjoy water and sun at 1400 metres?

To water-play opportunities in the Goms

Treasure hunt!

a raid through the mountain villages of the Goms

Salut! My name is Jodok. I earn my living  from the traffic associated with trade. I travel along the pack trails through the Alps with my mule, Muli. Yesterday, a heavily-laden Muli and I came through the Grimselpass. Today, we want to take a break with you here in this beautiful mountain village of Ulrichen to experience something different. Come with me on a special voyage of discovery. We’ll need your puzzle-solving skills. Then, with our wit and our skill, we’ll experience something unique together. Fun and excitement guaranteed – with a small surprise in wait at the end!

Here we go, tally ho for the hunt...!

Themed routes

Access and hike along the paths of knowledge

Cäsar Ritz is my friend; I’d be very happy to tell you about him. I know almost everything there is to know about the chapels in the Goms. I’ll explain how the protective forest is what makes the Goms habitable. I’ll tell you a lot about the land and its people. And I know why the potato fields in the mountain villages of the Goms are so tiny. Step onto me, I’m a themed route.

To the themed routes of the Goms

Family holidays in the Goms

Where children can still be children

In the Goms, children can still be children. We definitely want them to let off steam and conquer nature for themselves here! Children don’t really need a timetable after all, they just need free time. You can choose to spend this time with your children at the playgrounds, the mini golf course, leisure facilities, pistes and cross-country trails, on sledging trails, having adventures, games and fun. The mountain villages of the Goms offer children plenty of all these things, either because they’re available naturally or because they’ve been created for them by other people. Enjoy yourself with your children. Just have some fun!

Family adventures

Binntal Nature Park

A regional nature park of national importance

The Binntal Nature Park is regarded as a “Valley of hidden treasures” and is well-known for its abundant mineral resources. The flora and fauna of the Binntal Nature Park are also extremely varied. The villages, with their associated hamlets and their sun-darkened houses, are so well-preserved that they are recognised as sites of national and regional importance. They lie in an undisturbed cultural landscape that is still maintained with great energy and affection to this day.

Binntal Nature Park
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