Your Your "mineworkers"

Your "mineworkers"

Your "mineworkers"

In a strong team, it depends on each and every individual. A good team moves mountains!

Like the mineworkers, our employees come from the most diverse regions or countries. We therefore all know what the saying means "It's good to be a guest - it's better to come home". And we find it most beautiful when you, dear guests, come home to us. We all pursue the same goal: together we want to make your stay with us perfect.

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I am Fernando Michlig and I grew up in the Tenne. Some of our guests already knew me when I was as small as our Amilia is today. :-)

After my years of travel, I joined the family buisness in 2008 and am happy to spoil you today with my culinary creations. Do you particularly like a dish? Ask me, I might be able to tell you the recipe...


My name is Luzia Michlig and I'm almost not allowed to say it, I'm a "Grüezi" because I come from the beautiful Seetal. Luckily I have learned to love a cook, because I can't cook at all ;-) But I didn't just fall in love with a Valaisan, I also fell in love with the Valais and have now been at home here since 2014.

I look forward to welcoming and spoiling you dear guests together with my family and our great team.


My name is Amilia Michlig and I have been at the Tenne since 22 April 2021. As everyone's little darling...

My job is to enchant the guests with my charming smile and at the moment I am also responsible for the fact that with us "No Food Waste" can only be implemented to a limited extent...


My name is Augusto Cardoso Correia and I have been working at the Tenne since December 2020.

My passion? Quite clearly: wine. Not only do I like to drink it, but I also work actively in the vines and in the cellar of the Diroso winery. I proudly share my knowledge with my guests and am happy to recommend wines to them.


My name is Birgit Paugger and I am fresh, juicy, Styrian.... :-) 

I've been working at the Tenne again since February 2022 because I really missed the great working atmosphere and the nice colleagues.

What do I like to do? A lot... ;-) I am a very outgoing person and like to travel all over the world. And that's why I love my job, which offers many opportunities and where you can get in touch with all kinds of people.



My name is Caroline Michlig and I opened the Tenne together with my husband Ewald in December 1976.

As the "Nonna" of the house, I am happy to be a helpful support in various areas: In looking after Amilia, in service or still as a hostess for you, dear guests. :-) In my free time I like to golf and I can therefore warmly recommend the golf course "Source du Rhône".


My name is Christoph Kummer and I have been working at the Tenne since 2006, spoiling our guests with culinary delights. I am Fernando's right-hand man - we have been working together for so long that we understand each other almost without words.

My hobbies are mountain biking, skiing and cross-country skiing, so I spend a lot of time outdoors with my family. While doing so, I like to take photos - some of my pictures are hanging in the Tenne and you can also buy them. :-)


I am Daniel Tesfay and I come from Eritrea. I have been working as an assistant cook at the Tenne since 2020.

Since April 2021, I have not only enjoyed working here because of the team, but also because of Amilia. She really likes to sit with me in the kitchen and watch me work.


My name is Elisabeth and I have been working as a housekeeping employee at the Tenne since 2014.

My hobbies are thrillers and cross-country skiing, so in winter the motto is: "Cross-country skiing good, everything good!" As an excursion, I recommend a trip to the Binntal to our guests, where I ran a farm with my family for a long time. The Binntal is one of the most beautiful places there is.


My name is Silvana Pereira and I am originally from Portugal. I have been working at the Tenne since July 2021, so I am the newest employee ;-) I want to make our guests feel at home. I greet my guests with a big smile, wonderful food and a great environment.

I love to travel and see new places... And there are still so many of them!


My name is Ewald Michlig and I opened the Tenne built by my father in 1976 and ran it together with my wife. In the meantime, I'm taking it a little easier as "Nonno". But I am always happy to welcome you, dear guests, to an aperitif in the wine cellar and to introduce you to the diversity of Valais wines.

When I'm not at the Tenne, you can often find me in my hunting grounds in the Black Forest, from where I supply Fernando as often as possible with game from my own hunting... :-)


We get our eggs from the laying hens of the Salzmann family from Naters. Eggs fresh from the farm! Gerhard Salzmann brings them personally every week and he also has his own chair in our restaurant. It says: Everyone knows that an egg is healthy and fortifying. 
Silvio is the third generation to work at the Salzmann poultry farm, and if necessary, the other family members Rita (mother), Michael and Marco can always be counted on.


My name is Henriett Todoruc and I am originally from Hungary. I have been working as a housekeeping employee in the Tenne team since 2020. I am responsible for the cleanliness in the house and with my eye for detail I recognise the little things that make a big difference for our guests. Do you have a wish or a request? I will gladly try to fulfil it...

What else can I say about myself? I am a happy woman and love nature and dogs.

Isabella & Stéphane

Isabella & Stéphane Kellenberger from the Vin d'oeuvre winery in Leuk Stadt are happy to share their passion... because it comes bottled, in white and red, contemporary or more traditional, immediately enjoyable or storable - tailored to a variety of tastes. The two of them produce 17 different wines from autochthonous and international grapes. Their common strengths lie in the breadth of their individual professional experience, their different interests, as well as in the contrast of their personal traits, which nevertheless harmonise perfectly, just like a good wine. The two of them are great! :-)

Ruth (Kopie)

My name is Ruth Lagger and I have been working at the Tenne since 2012. I am originally from the Zurich Oberland and came to Goms in 1977 because of love. Together with my husband, I ran the Walliserhof in Münster for 30 years.

My motto is "the guest is king" and I would like to convey this feeling to every guest - including you :-) I look forward to your visit...


I am Flavio da Cunha Morais and I have been working at the Tenne since 2021. So, together with my girlfriend Silvana, I am the newest addition to the team.
I am passionate about cooking and like to be well organised and prepared. Helpfulness in the team is very important to me.

My other passion is football and I root - of course - for Benfica Lisabon. :-)

Nadia & Diego

We have wines from many great winemakers on our menu. We maintain personal contact with many of them, and with some we even have a friendship. For example, with Nadia & Diego Mathier, from the Winery Adrian & Diego Mathier, Nouveau Salquenen AG in Salgesch. Passion for wine and emotion - in our opinion, that's what describes them very well. We are very happy to bring their wines closer to our guests.


My name is Michelle Zenklusen and I started my apprenticeship as a chef at the Tenne in 2018 - and successfully completed it. Next summer, I will add an additional apprenticeship as a pastry chef/confectioner - until then, I will continue to be part of the Tenne team and spoil you with fine (dessert) creations.

My hobbies are skiing and snowboarding, doing something with my friends and always trying something new... ;-) With my laughter and my cheerful nature I would like to contribute to a good team spirit.


It seems we have to write something about our Géraldine ourselves.... ;-) 

Géraldine Imhasly joined us in 2015 after we met her at a catering event. She is actually a trained ornamental plant gardener - but we are so happy that she has taken a liking to gastronomy. She is a great support to all of us. Géraldine is our cheerful nature, always friendly and upbeat - and her laughter is infectious... 

Her favourite food is fillet of beef and she never says no to a good glass of wine. Her motto: "It'll be alright..."


We have our own blueberry supplier! :-) Robert Wyden always supplies us with fresh Gommer blueberries in summer.
Talk to him about it in the morning over coffee at the regulars' table - who knows, maybe he'll tell you a place where you can find the fine berries...


My name is Ruth Lagger and I have been working at the Tenne since 2012. I am originally from the Zurich Oberland and came to Goms in 1977 because of love. Together with my husband, I ran the Walliserhof in Münster for 30 years.

My motto is "the guest is king" and I would like to convey this feeling to every guest - including you :-) I look forward to your visit...


My name is Sandra Blatter and I worked for Caroline and Ewald in the Tenne from December 1988 to 1998. I am married and have two boys. In the meantime, I have been back at the Tenne since 2012 and take great pleasure in presenting the beautiful plates from our kitchen team.

My hobbies are walking and light hiking - and shopping... :-) In winter, I prefer to be on the winter hiking trails rather than on the cross-country trails.


My name is Ursula Ehrenzweig. I am retired, but have worked in housekeeping at the Tenne since 1996. I live right next door to the hotel, so I'm still on hand whenever I'm needed.

My excursion tip for you here in Goms, whether in winter or in summer: Hike up to the Hungerberg, there you have the best view over the whole valley...

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