Finesse and creativity – simple and originalFinesse and creativity – simple and original

Finesse and creativity – simple and original

Our chefs

Our guests’ satisfaction is the most important consideration as far as we are concerned.

We aim to cosset you in a warm and caring ambience on every visit – and to offer you flavours that will excite your palate and stir your soul..

Fernando and Christoph’s cooking is based on a classic style that is simple and original, yet prepared with finesse and creativity. The ingredients retain their identity, and the unique flavour of each individual product is accorded proper recognition. We attach great importance to the use (whenever possible) of seasonal and regional products, which we combine with culinary inspirations from all around the world.

You might already have seen Fernando Michlig winking at you from billboards, in his role as an Ambassador for Suisse Garantie, or he might have drawn a smile from you as you watched him on TV.
Fernando is absolutely on top form when he’s preparing the spoils of his own hunting expeditions. He conjures up speciality game dishes that are now renowned well beyond the Canton’s borders. His sense of taste is legendary, as he proved during his career path through various one and two-star restaurants in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. His secondary training as a pastry chef/confectioner also gives him the ability to dream up melt-in-the-mouth creations for the dessert section.

Between 2008 and 2012, Fernando was a member of Switzerland’s National Cookery Team and won the title of European Champion. He was also an Olympic silver medal winner. In addition, Fernando is a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE), the Guild of Established Swiss RestaurateursCercle des Chefs de Cuisine Berne (CCCB) and Disciple Escoffier International.

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