Succumb to pleasureSuccumb to pleasure

Succumb to pleasure

The winemakers

Currently, the wines that we serve with meals in the "Piocher" come from the wine cellars of:

Adrian & Diego Mathier, Nouveau Salquenen AG
The foundation stone for the success of the family business run by Nadia and Diego Mathier was once laid by Ferdinand Mathier, the great-grandfather of today's best Swiss winemaker of the decade. Nadia and Diego have been running the company since 2001. With a lot of heart and soul and commitment, they are successfully developing the family-run business on the basis of continuity and sustainability, in line with the company's philosophy of "tradition, emotion, innovation and enjoyment - for generations". Countless inter/national awards, including best Swiss winemaker of the decade and triple Swiss winemaker of the years 2018-2011-2007, as well as more than 1000 gold medals for their white wines, rosé wines, red wines and sparkling wines are impressive proof that Adrian & Diego Mathier can proudly count themselves among the top Swiss wineries today.


At the "Piocher", Fernando and Christoph forego the use of a menu. They want their guests to succumb fully to the pleasure of their meal, thereby encouraging the feeling of conviviality. Each dish is paired with the perfect wine from a specially selected winemaker. In order to make this plan work, the "Piocher" only has 4 tables.

“I had a dream that my guests would come together in the "Piocher" to enjoy and abandon themselves to the food and the wine”, is how Fernando explained his plans. This outstanding chef has international experience, but has been inspired by his own way of living: "We cook what we think is fun to cook, and what we ourselves like to eat. The dishes change every 5 to 6 weeks. We want our guests just to concentrate on their enjoyment of the food, and not to be distracted by what’s on a menu”.

Guests can decide on the size of their own meals and on whether they want their food to be served with wine or not. The chefs do aim to take account of specific preferences, but: “We aren’t able to offer purely vegan meals” added Christoph Kummer, who is Fernando’s right-hand man.

At the "Piocher" we are awarded 13 GaultMillau points.

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