For the sake of the environmentFor the sake of the environment

For the sake of the environment

“Da luegi druf” (“I’ll look out for that!”)

Suisse Garantie

Fernando Michlig is an Ambassador for Suisse Garantie (a scheme to guarantee Swiss agricultural produce)

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The Tenne is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, and we share the belief that climate change and environmental protection are the most vital challenges of our time. Thanks to sustainable building practices, the optimised use of resources, appropriate training and the promotion of awareness among our employees, together with local solidarity, we are doing all we can to reduce the emission of CO2. During the renovation and remodelling work that we undertook in 2020, we attached great importance to our choice of materials. We also included a waste heat recovery system, which uses the heat in the air to provide hot water.

Our main concerns

Travel to the hotel

  • Free-of-charge transfers to and from the railway station for people who travel by train
  • We work with SBB railways and have a special offer for baggage


  • Sustainable food procurement process (our meat comes from animals kept in a way that is appropriate for their species; certified fishing practices)
  • Our breakfast buffet highlights regional products 
  • Minimal packaging on foods in the buffets
  • We highlight the quality of tapwater and encourage the use of water jugs rather than PET bottles


  • We consider local producers and suppliers
  • Wherever possible, we prefer to use bulk packs rather than individual items so that we can cut down on packaging
  • We mainly buy Swiss products (“Suisse Garantie”)
  • Fernando was an Ambassador for the Suisse Garantie; da luegi druf campaign.


  • For the sake of our environment, we ask our guests to re-use their towels
  • Our showers are equipped with water-saving AquaClic Prosecco shower heads (with oxygen enrichment). Schlauer Shower: a national support project for CO2 reduction in Switzerland -
  • Guests can forego cleaning services and take advantage of a price reduction as a result
  • We use eco-certified cleaning materials
  • We separate out our waste materials (compost, paper, aluminium, plastic, glass, etc.) wherever possible
  • We run heat exchanger and waste heat recovery systems on ventilation and waste water services
  • We’re transferring over to technical facilities that reduce energy consumption on an ongoing basis
  • We use LED lights in our hotels, because these are the most environmentally friendly light sources at present
  • By now, all of our correspondence is handled by electronic means alone where possible.
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