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Switzerland’s strength lies in its diversity – a statement that applies equally to Swiss wines... the variety of soils, climate conditions, traditions and cultures has produced a large number of wines with very different characteristics. With about 2,000 hours of sunshine and a precipitation level of 600 mm every year, the climate in the Valais provides the best possible conditions for wine growing. It is the most important wine growing Canton in Switzerland, with 4,783 hectares under cultivation. The Valais is characterised by a wonderful range of different soils, locations, microclimates – i.e. by its terroirs. Equally, it is hardly surprising that the ideal conditions for the development of 55 different types of grape – 31 white and 24 red – are found here.

Because such a wide variety of wines is available in our Canton, we consciously restrict our selection to wines from the Valais – and we are proud to bring these to your palate. All the same, we’re always looking for new wines too, and we often explore the wine cellars of the Valais so that we can enjoy offering you, dear Guest, our new discoveries as well as our classic wines. We look at the wine’s identity, terroir and character; winemakers with an ecological background rather than industrial production; a love of the wine, rather than an ambition to be famous. Enjoyment must come to the fore with each and every drop. 

If you visit our wine cellar, you can examine all the wines, choose one for yourself, then taste the wine and philosophise about it with Senior Chef Ewald. With more than 120 different products to choose from, you’re sure to find the wine for you. We sell our wine “über die Gasse” (on a takeaway basis), so that you can continue to enjoy the fine wines of the Valais once you’re back at home.

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