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... there for you with elan, passion and whole hearted angagement since 1976!

Tenne has been build in 1976 by Hermine and Rudolf Michlig-Müller. Caroline and Ewald Michlig-Ruppen ahve been the hotel managers from the very beginning. A big responsibility, considering that Ewald was only 22 and Caroline 19 years old. In 1990, Caroline and Ewald took over business of their fahter and father in law respectively.

Both sons, Kilian and Fernando, followed their parents profession and trained in hotel and gastronomy business. After their educational jourtney they both rejoined their parents business in 2009.

Kilian and Denise Salzmann got married in 2007. In December 2010 Ben Reto and Yann Timo were born. The twins now are the ,,true masters of the house''.